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Kabuto (samurai worrior helmet)

It is Children's day on May 5(Tango no sekku). It is traditional custom to put up Satsuki Ningyo and Koinobori. We hope that suns will grow up healthy and strong.

Satsuki Ningyo(Gogatsu Doll) is a lot of kind. I display a Kabuto kazari in my house. Kabuto kazari is samurai worrior helmet. It is displayed with sword and arrow.

Yoroi kazari is samurai worrior body armor. Taisho kazari is samurai doll.

It is Golden week in Japan. I am happy to take holiday untill May 6. I think going on holiday with my family!

samurai worrior body armor is Yoroi(鎧).
samurai worrior helmet is Kabuto(兜).


Koinobori (Carp Streamer)

It is fine today. So I installed Koinobori for my sons. They like Koinobori very much and demand to display this morning. They were pleased to see it, Although Koinobori isn't flying because of no wind today.

It is displayed untill Children's day(May 5). We displayed Koinobori to hope that suns will grow up healthy and strong. It is said that It has been since Edo period. The black Biggest koinobori means Father. The Red koinobori means Mather. The blue smallest koinobori means sons.


Learning English website "iknow!"

"iknow!" is a website(Social network service) of learning English. This service started last year. This website became very popular in Japan because of free of charge and high quality. the figure of member exceed 100,000 people for 6 months.

iknow! has many channels. There are channnels for Core wards,TOEIC,Travel,Business,GMAT and TOFEL. For instance,Business chanel has courses for sub-prime loan problem,Long Term Capital Manegiment and Goldman Sachs. We can learn various English wards. It is so cool!

I began iknow! last year. I have finished 5 courses and 1,162 items for 5 months. I took TOEIC exam last month. I was disappointed the result(Total 690 L355,R335). Because it wasn't my best score(My best score was 700). I am doing upper TOEIC reading section course now. I will take TOEIC in May. I will finish upper TOEIC course before next exam.

I installed my widgets on this blog.



My wife and her mother is going sightseeing in Tokyo now. They go harf day tour of HATO BUS. HATO BUS TOURS is very famous to go sightseeing in Tokyo. If we go sightseeing by car , we have to find car parking space. It is so hard to find car parking space near a famous sightseeing spot. Sightseeing by bus is very convinient in Tokyo.

When my parents came to Tokyo, I went sightseeing by Hato bus service. We went to Senso-ji Temple and Nakamise Street(Asakusa),Imperial Palace Nijubashi Bridge,Tokyo Tower,Odaiba and NHK in a day. they were very pleased to go sightseeing in Tokyo.

There are some one-day trip from Tokyo by HATO BUS. For instance, Nikko Toshogu Shrine, Hakone,Yokohama and Mt Fuji.


The Naruto Strait whilepools

I went to Naruto strait to see the Naruto whilepools last year. The Naruto whilepools is very famous in Japan. I thought I would like to see someday.

There is Onaruto brige at Naruto strait. Onaruto brige has observation room "Uzu-no-michi". The observation room is 45meters above the sea and has a floor made by glass. We can see the Naruto whilepools through the glass floor. But I don't like high place.

It was so thrilling to walk glass floor 45meters above the sea!! I was so dizzy!

Anyway,It was good to experience many things.

I think Naruto is famous in the world by Animation "Naruto". Naruto's main charactor is Naruto Uzumaki. I think his name is origined ramen's topping fish sausage "Narutomaki". Narutomaki is origined this Naruto whilepools.

When My sons tailking about Naruto, I thought it is something of food animation. I knew Naruto is Ninja anime recently.

This picture is Hiroshige Ukiyo-e showing Naruto whilepools


Ohanami (cherry blossom viewing)

I think this weekend is a last chance to go cherry-blossom(Sakura) viewing this year. So I went to a park to see Sakura with my family. The park has about 2,000 Sakura trees. Sakura festival was held in the park. Many people came to the park today and Many stand opened. For example,Cotton candy,Goldfish scooping,Candy apple.We enjoyed seeing Sakura and eating Takoyaki,Ikayaki and so on. My youngest son wanted to buy Gekiranger's mask. But I denied. It was too expensive about 5$.

There are usually some sakura trees in elementary school. In japan, entrance ceremony of elementary school is held in April. I remenber there were very beautiful sakura trees at main gate of my school. I have a photo taken with my mother. Many people took a picture in fornt of Sakura. Sakura was symbol entrance ceremony. But Many Sakura fell before entrance ceremony recentry. I think it is affected global warming. It is very sad.

Sakura is the Japanese name for cherry blossom. It is sometimes used woman name. Sakura Haruno is Naruto character. Her name means "Sakura in Spring". It is very simple.



I went to MOTHER FARM with my family today. MOTHER FARM is famous entertaiment farm in Chiba prefecture. Now,my sons have Spring Break and want to go to the farm. The purpose of our family was milking experience and seeing field mustard.

It was very fine today. My sons were pleased to experience many thing.

This picture is field mustard of MOTHER FARM.

This is calf.

The lunch is Jingisukan barbecue.

The cherry blossoms are not in full bloom. I think it is next weekend to be in full bloom here.